Street names

As my twenty-five readers - quoting Alessandro Manzoni, with Dante Alighieri, the father of the Italian language – will know, I always say Rome is a city that never ends. And I'm right to say so because here, even the names of the streets, like everything else, have a story to tell. In the Sant'Eustachio … Continue reading Street names


The Romans: blacksmiths, windows and aqueducts

Entering the workshop of our blacksmiths, Andrea and Massimo Manoni, is easy to understand how important it is to have in mind the two magic words "stratification" and "recycling". I talk about it on my home page in order to realize how Rome was built.  Their grandfather founded the Company immediately after the Second World … Continue reading The Romans: blacksmiths, windows and aqueducts

The Romans: Emi Fabbri’s handmade style

I don't know how it works in your country but when Vincenzo and I announced our wedding, there was so much wedding organization advice that we got confused very soon. As for my wedding dress, after a few afternoons trying on dresses in some downtown shops with friends, mothers and grandmother Vittoria, all I knew … Continue reading The Romans: Emi Fabbri’s handmade style

The Romans: Sant’Eustachio the coffee

If you ask them, they will tell you the Sant'Eustachio café is a small family business and it is indeed: Raimondo is the owner with his daughter, Federica, and his brother, Roberto. If you ask any Roman instead, he will tell you that the Sant'Eustachio café is the most famous café in Rome. Before the … Continue reading The Romans: Sant’Eustachio the coffee